About Vekst i Grenland (ViG)

ViG is the business development agency of the 6 municipalities in Grenland/Southern Telemark. 

Our task is to contribute to more jobs in the region. Priority areas are innovation, business attraction as well as cooperation and coordination. ViG offers startup services (courses and coaching), operates Start Up Klosterøya, manages Grenland Business Fond, heads/participates in a number of projects and is the business department of the two municipalities Drangedal and Siljan.

ViG has 12 employees, is led by the head of business affairs in Grenland and is located at Klosterøya in Skien. Our executive board has 6 members, elected from public/private businesses, and the supervisory board consists of the mayor, deputy mayor and one from the opposition in each of the 6 owner municipalities. The supervisory board is ViG’s upper body.

The statutes, a new mandate and the strategic business plan for Grenland govern our work. A yearly action plan defines the concrete activities and projects of the agency.

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